Marantz CDV-1 Schematic:HERE
NOTE: This is my reverse-engineered interpretation and not gauranteed to be 100% accurate.

Original Insides:

Original Driver Board:

1. Dynamat entire chassis:

2. Install Vibrapod feet:

3. Replace tube P/S caps with Elna Cerafines (2@100uF to 2@220uF and 1@47uF to 1@47uF):

4. Replace op-amp to tube decoupling caps with Black Gate N-Series
5. Replace tube output decoupling caps with Solen "Fast" Caps
6. Replace op-amp P/S caps with Elna Cerafines
7. Replace op-amp with LM4562 [Datasheet]

8. Cap off unused Digital Out RCA jack:

Finished Insides:

The stock unit shipped with Sovtek 6DJ8 tubes. I used them along with a matched set of Amperex Bugle Boys (Holland) and a matched set of Amperex Orange Globes (Holland). The Sovteks were lifeless and lacking depth and detail. The Bugle Boys provided a rich creamy "tube-like" midrange with decent bass and treble extension with lack of detail at the extremes. The Orange Globes won HANDS DOWN! The midrange was more transparent as was treble and bass extension with excellent detail. While the player does not come close to the detail and punch of my modified Marantz CD-63, it does have that tube warmth that makes it much more enjoyable to listen to. I do not plan any further modifications to this player as I find it more than suitable as it is now.